The Asteroid Threat

The Asteroid ThreatI began reading this book by William E. Burrows a couple weeks ago.  The subject, the title, and the cover art, are all very appealing, but I just could not connect with this book, and my reading slowed to a crawl.  Then I began skipping paragraphs, soon whole sections, and finally I was skipping whole chapters.

I read thru Chapter 3.

Burrows’ writing is easy to follow, and the treatment of the subject is reasonable.  I just didn’t feel grabbed by the work and and was not compelled to read another sentence.  To me, it seemed like there was a great deal of repetition, the same ground was getting plowed over and over.

Based on 5 customer reviews, Amazon gives this book 3 1/2 stars out of 5.  The book did not meet my expectations, and it will go on the shelf until I either try reading it again later, or give it away.

I think I’ll read a book about baseball.

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