“When the Moon Hits Your Eye…”

F02_moon_DDfm_Rsp8Tomorrow (July 31, 2015) we will have a really bright full moon, not like the waxing crescent shown in my image here.  I am scheduled to host at the pubic observing session at GTCC’s Cline Observatory tomorrow, and the session is open to the public free of charge.

Cline Observatory was built and opened in 1997, serving the Guilford County community with many special observing sessions and the regular Friday night public sessions.

We’ll begin around 9 p.m. and end at 11.  We will approach the night observing objects very distant first, then culminating with the nearest: our Moon.  Here’s a brief summary of what we plan:

M51: The Whirlpool Galaxy face-on spiral galaxy  

Globular Cluster M3, magnitude: distance: 35,000 LY

Antares magnitude: 1.0,          distance: 604 LY

Saturn, magnitude: 0.41,          distance: 9.6 AU  

Moon: full Moon at 10:43 UTC (6:43 a.m., EDT)

  • Sea of Fertility (Mare Fecunditatis)

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