Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune

Image from StarWalk
Image from StarWalk

Where were the Perseids?

I went out onto the back deck twice, early this morning, hoping to see a meteor shower.  At 12:30 we had clouds covering about 80% of the sky.  I stayed a few minutes. staring at the clear spot, but saw nothing.

Where were the Perseids?

At 4  a.m. I tried again.  The sky was clear, so I wrapped up, got comfortable and stared at a disappointing (not boring) sky for too long.

Then a nice bright streak coming from the Medusa killer fell toward the southeastern horizon. Not a fireball, this first meteor was brighter than any star in the sky.  Then only a couple of dim meteors appeared for the next 45 minutes and I came back into the house.

Where were the Perseids?

Several years ago Barbara and I were all psyched-up over the Leonids, also predicted to make a great show in the sky.  We got up around 2 a.m. and went to the back porch to settle in. Barbara asked me to tuck-in the quilt around her feet and as I was bent over her, the quilt lit up with the reflected light of a fireball behind me.  Barbara says  “Oh wow.”   By the time I turned around, it was gone.  Then the clouds moved in and we saw nothing else the rest of the morning.

One thought on “Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune

  1. Dennis,
    The Perseids certainly got a lot of hype this year, and lots of people had disappointing experiences similar to yours. I’m never happy with the fact that the media seem to fixate on the ZHR, thus giving an inflated expectation of the number of meteors likely to be visible. It doesn’t help that the word “shower” is involved.

    I saw 9 Perseids in a 40-minute session centered on 12:35 EDT on the 13th. I noticed a few clouds on my horizon in your direction, but they didn’t interfere with my session. For my conditions (LM ~5.3) that translates to a ZHR of around 75, and that’s pretty much in line with the posted at IMO:

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