Gobs of Globs Tonight at Cline

saturn_moonsSaturn will be on our list of objects to view tonight at Cline Observatory.  Here’s an image of that planet and some moons I took earlier this year.  I used the Prompt telescopes in Chile to take the picture.

In addition to Saturn, our featured objects will be Globular Clusters.  The Great Star Cluster in Hercules (M13) is a favorite.  This glob of stars is about ten billion years old and more than 7 kc away from us.

We also plan to look at M15 and M19, the latter a real contrast to M13.  M19, also in Hercules, is about half the size of M13, and is fairly young, about 2 or 3 billion years old.

Located on the Jamestown campus of GTCC, Cline Observatory s open to the public, free of charge, every clear Friday night.

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