Skeptic in 1999

Barbara gives me lots of wonderful books and in 1999 she gave me The Soul Soulof the Night (1996).  I enjoyed it and searched for another by the author, Chet Raymo.  I found Skeptics and True Believers (1998) and consumed it.

I found a morsel of beauty in this wonderful work!  In chapter 3, Raymo repeated a metaphor from an earlier book.

“Knowledge is an island in a sea of mystery.”

Raymo goes into nice detail explaining what he means.  I’ve used this metaphore in class and group presentations.  It is an elegant reminder of how little we know.  I think it would be well-worth your time.  The title of my blog is meant as an homage.SATB

A couple weeks ago, Raymo announced on his blog that he was scheduled for Deep Brain Surgery (DBS) to treat some of his Parkinson’s disease (PD) symptoms.  This is a very promising advance in medicine.

I was diagnosed with PD a little more than 2 years ago, so I am doubly interested in the outcome.

You can read about Raymo’s DBS experience on his blog “Science Musings.”

Did you realize that night has a shape?

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