Let’s Talk Astronomy

One of the really great benefits of teaching astronomy is having a group of people who are somewhat interested in the subject, to talk with about current events and astronomy in general.  I’ve enjoyed the opportunities to speak before community groups, and, again, the conversations with members of the audiences are the best part.

Screen shot 2015-12-28 at 8.16.26 PMAnd now, I’ve found a new way to gather an audience, a new way to meet with a bunch of folks interested in astronomy who may want to talk, who may want to listen to others talk.

Periscope, a free app that received the App of the Year award, has almost 7 million people world-wide hooked-up.  This is a way to “explore the world in real time through someone else’s eyes.”

Sunday morning on a lark I signed on with the title “Let’s Talk Astronomy” and more than 30 people joined me, asking all sorts of astronomy questions.  This morning, I signed on again and more than 400 people, fromScandinavia, Russia, Texas, Israel and other points around the world joined our conversation.

We talked about possibilities of alien life, black holes, string theory, Space X, Pluto, pulsars and quasars, Hubble Space Telescope, the center of our galaxy, and Chet Raymo, along with many other astronomy and non-astronomy topics.  My understanding is that a conversation on Periscope is available for 24 hours, then dropped to make way for the new.

That was fun.  I plan to try it again tomorrow.  Join us!

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