“Grand Unified Theories and the Inflationary Universe”

After teaching for the public school system for ten years, the administration decided I needed teach a new subject, economics.   This was a subject that was new to me as well as new to the curriculum.

So in the Spring of 1985 I learned I would teach ninth grade economics.  This dismal science was a subject for which I was terribly under-qualified to teach.  I had no economics credits to my name in post-secondary studies.

So when I saw an advertisement about a free public talk on inflation, I decided to go.  I was going to need help teaching economics.  I thought I could learn about this feature of the free market system and be better prepared to teach.

The talk was scheduled for 8 pm March 15, 1985 at N.C. A&T University.  When I arrived, the small crowd was a little disheartening.

I picked up a program and was immediately confused.  Soon I realized how fortunate I was.  Images of the inside and outside of that program accompany this articleIMG_1537

Dr. Alan Guth of MIT was introduced to the two-dozen members of the audience.


From what I can remember, Dr. Guth gave an interesting presentation.  Here are my notes handwritten on the program:


1974- united weak + strong electro-magnetic actions, + predicted they contain magnetic monopoles (very many of them)

? the universe is totally empty of conserved quantities (very small, just a few kilograms)

? no such thing as conservation of energy (all star energy cancelled by energy of gravitational fields)

? “The universe itself might be the ultimate free lunch.”


What a charmed life!

OK all you cosmologists out there.  How do my notes hold up to the current understanding of inflationary theory?


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