“Celestial Confusion” by Thomas Lyons

IMG_1544Every semester my Astronomy students must complete an observing project.  I offer several ready-made projects, and I also allow students to make-up their own project  if they wish.

This semester one of our graduating seniors made his own music project, music based on the orbital period of the planets and their distances from the Sun.  The suns represented by a constant note played through out.  Each planet is represented by another note.

Thomas has given me permission to share his work on Periscope and YouTube.  So if you’d like to hear [art or all of his piece “Celestial Confusion” please follow the link in the pull-down menu above for Recommended Links.

The YouTube version has the written score for the whole piece.  For the first half of the piece, the audio is faster than the visual. Then the visual catches up and passes the audio

This is one of the most original and unusual projects I’ve had.  I hope you enjoy listening.

Very cool, Thomas.  Very cool.


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