Observing Plans for Friday, August 12, 2016

I’m scheduled to host at Cline Observatory tonight, Friday, August 12.  Here are my observing plans for the evening.Join us.*********************

Near to Far then back********************

  1. Mars (featured object) 0.78 Astronomical Units (AU) distant
    1. Since June 29 in pro-grade motion
    2. Named for a god of the Germanic people, Freya
  2. Saturn at 9.6 AU distant
    1. Less dense than water
    2. Saturday namesake
  3. Albireo double star at 385 Light Tears (LY) mag 3.35
    1. 100,000 year orbit
    2. .mag 3.1 and 5,1
  4. M 57 The Ring Nebula at 1,956 LY
    1. 8 mag central star, 9.7 mag shell
    2. doubly ionized oxygen expanding at 30 km/sec
    3. 30,000 AU in diameter
  5. T Lyr at 2,064 LY
    1. Carbon star, evolved red giants
    2. Variable star, distance not well known (2,400 LY by parallax,
  6. NGC 6905, 5,500 to 8,400 LY distant
    1. PN
  7. NGC 6572
    1. Appear as a colored star
  8. M56 class 10 Globular Cluster at 31,000LY
    1. mag 8.25, tight knot of stars
    2. Coming toward us at 138 km/sec
  9. The Moon at 0.0026 AU (398, 057 km)
    1. Phase 0.62 (62% illuminated)
    2. On meridian at 8:56 pm

Cline Observatory, located on the Jamestown campus of Guilford Technical Community College, is open to the public every clear Friday night, free of charge..

From March thru October the regular Friday night public observing sessions begin about 30 minutes after sunset. Sessions usually last about two hours.

The observatory is open to the night air so please dress appropriately.

For more information and directions please see the Observatory website at:



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