plan for Friday Oct 28. Host: Beth, Asst: Dennis

It looks to be clear skies with only a ten percent chance of rain.

Sunset is at 6:28pm and the moon is waning crescent and not up.

  1. M13 Great Globular Cluster 25,000 ly 1764 300,000 stars: Hercuies
  2. The feature object is the Cat’s Eye nebula NGC 6543 distance about 3300 ly

in Draco bright blue-green in color, planetary nebula, mag 8.1 eliipsoidal shell around Wolf-Rayet O7 white dwarf is of double ionized oxygen central star is mag 10.9

1864 Sir William Huggins used spectroscopic analysis to show it was not a tiny cluster of stars but cloud of low pressure gas

  1. M57 Ring Nebula 2300 ly 1779 in Lyrae

planetary nebula, 2 arc minutes across

  1. mu Ceph Herschel’s Garnet Star 100,000 times brighter than the Sun 6,000 ly Mu Ceph is nearing death.  It is fusing Helium into Carbon (most main-sequence stars are fusing Hydrogen into Helium).  Mu may be massive enough to collapse into a black hole variable star irregular over about 100 days   Cepheus
  2. NGC 7331 unbarred spiral galaxy 40 mil ly 9th magnitude in Pegasus
  3. M31 Andromeda Galaxy 2.5 Mil ly 1764 in Andromeda two neighboring galaxies M32 (small and compact) and M 110 (larger and more diffuse)

1885 a rare SN was seen (mag -18.1)

1924 Hubble found a variable star and calculated 900,000 ly distance

  1. NGC 869 (h Per) & 884 7600 ly 13 Mil years old in Perseus Open Clusters many star colors

When viewed with a slight amount of imagination one can see the outline of Lego Darth Vader in this cluster. Focus on the bright red giant, you will then see a half-circle of stars to the side. The bright star would be the red light in Vader’a chest piece, the half-circle of stars forms the shape of his helmet, you should be able to make out the arms and legs at this point.

Wikipedia notes to be added to the Double Nerd Cluster


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