Winners in our Astronomy Game

On my Periscope broadcasts, we’ve been playing a card game about astronomy.

Here is our score board so far:

March 6: the topic was “stars”

Viewer                     first correct answers

Tom4535                             three

Cbridger954                      two

Stuck_in_the_mini        one

Angels2Earth                     one

March 8, early: the topic was “Astronomers pt. 1”

Viewer                  first correct answers

bdbru                                    three

jayzonmayzon                       one

March 8 late: the topic was “Astronomers pt 2”

Viewer                  first correct answers

pinballdon1                         one

ChrisWablington              one

MelissaNarrcissa              one

Zerothree31                     one

March 13: the topic was “Terrestrial planets”

Viewer                     first correct answers

JKrug74                               one

CJRobbemond              one

mecandy                            two

Shad DaCaro                     one

March 22: the topic was Outer Solar System

Viewer                     first correct answers

CJRobbemond                  three

Private_Michael             one

ericsanchezz                     one

upquark                               one

March 27: the topic was earthlings in space

Viewer                               first correct answers

chanlou                           three

RadioColectivo                 two

Danili02                              one

Opena32                              one

rblaws                                    one

April 3: the topic was spacecraft

Viewer                               first correct answers

lbretton                                  four

bdbru                                      one

bensonk11                              one

DGMurdockIII                      one

mecandy                                one

Thanks for playing.

Congratulations to all these winners.  RESPECT!

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