Possible Observing List for tonight at Cline Observatory March 31, 2017


It’s raining as I write this blog late on this Friday afternoon. Will the Observatory be open tonight?

If it is open, here are some potential targets we might share with the public.






M 45, well known in ancient times. Why on M list?

2nd handle star: Pleione, variable star BU Tau

M 42, enough mass for 10,000 Sun-size stars

M 44, Beehive Cluster, Galileo studied it in 1610

M 3, very old red giants + no O or B = 5-26 Billion years old?


NGC 2392 (the night’s feature), dense, hot core

3,000 LY distant, bubble of gas. See fringe on hat?

Screen shot 2015-01-10 at 1.07.26 AM
Image of Jupiter by D. Hands, using Prompt5 at  Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory


M 81, barred spiral, firt to give up rotation by spectroscopic analysis

M 82, Seyfert type galaxy (shiney)




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