Scoreboard for Lunar Science Cards

Recent guests on my Periscope broadcasts sometimes play a card game with me using Phlare’s “Lunar Science Cards.”

I use a picture and text from each card to make-up a question about the Moon.

Our first competition was on April 24,  This broadcast was still available (May 1, 2017) so you can watch on Periscope.

Here’s the scoreboard for that first game:

Topic:  Humans to the Moon (April 24)

Winner         Number of wins

@CJRobbemond    three wins

@rossm3838          two wins

@stevew1001           one win

Topic:  The Holistic Moon (May 1)

@CJRobbemond      two wins

@MistressSatine        one win

@TooBokut                one win

@rossm3838               one win

NEXT: Terrain

Topic:  Lunar Terrain (May 10)

@LennyinFlorida            two wins

@Peter_Bilt                        one win

@ericsanchezzz                 one win

@The Root64                       one win

@Elite11MVP                       one win

@rossm3838                        one win

Next topic:  found on the Moon

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