Questions about Dark Matter

I am not an expert on Dark Matter or Dark Energy, I barely understand the reasons scientists think they’re out there.

At the same time, I do like talking and reading about Dark Matter and Dark Energy.  Today I ran into an article titled “The Dark Matter Poltergeist” by Dr. Katie Mack, and questions bubbled up in my head.

Dark Matter is so foreign to me, my first questions came directly from the article:

  1.  Is Dark Matter really passing thru us right now?
  2. Is Dark Matter cold, tepid, or warm?

Questions that I came to more or less on my own (Of course, “shoulders of giants” and all that.) :

3.  How do other particles interact via the weak force?

4.  How did Raymond Davis Jr, detect neutrinos coming from the Sun?

5.  Does Dark Matter arrive in the same vast quantities as do the neutrinos?  (400 billion neutrinos pass through a square inch of Earth’s surface every second.)

I have no answers, and my questions may not be that ground breaking.  I figured that with John Mather coming to GTCC this Fall, I ought to study-up a bit.

You can read the article here:

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