Support your local Astronomy Club

Last Friday I was honored to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Greensboro Astronomy Club. GAC President Stan Rosenberg surprised me with the announcement  and presentation after my talk to the club.

I joined the GAC in the early 1980’s, before Comet Halley.  The topic of my first presentation to the GAC was how to see that historic

Received May 19, 2017

apparition.  Since then, I’ve made several more presentations and have served as editor of the club newsletter, President of the club, and head of the meteor watch team.

My talk Friday night was a brief history of Cline Observatory at GTCC.  I helped put together the dome of the Observatory back in 1997 and have served as host for observing sessions and Chair of the Cline Advisory Committee.

For the last two years I’ve help administer the image contest at TriStar, the annual astronomy meeting co-sponsored by the GAC and Cline Observatory.

If you have an astronomy club nearby, I recommend you join and get involved.  If you don’t have a club, start one!

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