May 26 Observing Session

We had a good observing session at Cline Observatory last night.  I staffed one of the 8-inch Dobsonian telescopess on the pad next to the Observatory.

Looking down into the Dob.

Its been raining most of the week in the Greensboro area.  The forecast for Friday night was partly cloudy with scattered storms.  The sky was pretty nice by 8 pm.Steve helped me set-up the Dobsonian and got me pointed at the fifth planet from the Sun.  Aiming the Dob seemed more difficult than I remembered.

Members of the Stellar Society, the student astronomy club

Cline Observatory

at GTCC, arrived and began to prep other telescopes.  The staff for the Observatory arrived and found a computer problem they’d have to work around for the whole session.

I broadcast on Periscope once when it was still early enough o see.  Then I broadcast again when it was pretty dark, but my guests could hear our conversations.

Jupiter was obvious in its splendor.  Three moons were visible the while session.We cold see Europa, Callisto and Ganymede.  Io was behind Jupiter.

The 8-inch Dob I used.

It was a good evening.  We talked about Jupiter and its moons, about the International Space Station that flew across the sky during the session, and the coming appearance of Saturn.





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