Where is the Sun? Where is Mars?

Of course the locations of planets in our sky changes over time.  Same for the Sun and Moon.  They all move among the background stars at different rates, passing in front of the constellations of the ecliptic. The Sun moves thru the thirteen ecliptic constellations in a year,  The Moon moves thru them in a month.

Where is the Sun?

A couple days ago (June 26)  I mentioned in conversation that both the Sun and the planet Mars were to be found in the constellation Gemini.  My friend Nellie responded that she thought the Sun was in the constellation Cancer. I asked Nellie to check and she came back in a few moments and confirmed that yes, the Sun “moves into Cancer on [Summer] Solstice” each year.

Now I’ve made my share of mistakes.  I figured this was another, so I apologized.  After we parted, I double-checked my initial statement.  Much to my confusion, the planetarium software “Stellarium” clearly showed the Sun in the constellation Gemini on June 26. So I did a Google search using the phrase Nellie used.  It took me to an astrological web site.  In the front page article were sentences that read

“Summer Solstice: The Sun Moves Into Cancer”

“…set to occur tomorrow, June 21… the sun will move into Cancer for its annual, month long visit.”

“Cancer season actually starts on or around the summer solstice every year.”

I triple-checked Stellarium.  The Sun appears to have entered the constellation Gemini on June 21 and will travel across the twins until July 20. It’s on July 21 the Sun will move into the constellation Cancer.

Why should I believe a computer simulation?  Let’s do our own observations!  Just after sunset on the 26th I checked the eastern sky.  Above the horizon was the crescent Moon with Regulus high, the constellation Cancer low but visible, and Pollux, one of the brightest stars in Gemini just above the horizon.

It was obvious that the Sun was not in Cancer, since it was after sunset and I could see the whole constellation in the night sky, trailing the Sun on its journey.

So where was the Sun?

I got up early the very next morning to a clear sky.  There. low in the east, was the constellation Taurus, the bull.  The Sun had not yet risen, so this constellation was ahead of the Sun, leading it as the Sun was appearing to circle the Earth..

Cancer is seen in the early evening western sky (6/26) trailing the Sun. 

Taurus is seen in predawn eastern sky (6/27), apparently preceding the Sun.

The Sun is apparently in the sky between Taurus and Cancer.

Guess which constellation is between Taurus and Cancer.  Thats where the Sun is.!

I confirmed with my own observations that the Stellarium model may be accurate.

Yes, the Sun is in the constellation Gemini and will be for several weeks.  I checked several other astrological sights and they all listed June 26 with a Sun sign.  If astrology is inaccurate about a thing so easily checked,  why would someone use it as a guide for personal finances, or relationships?





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