Observing Plans for Tonight

Plans for Public Observing at Cline Observatory July 7, 2017

Bodies in our Solar System

  1. Saturn:
    • Distance 9.1 AU or about 77 light minutes away
    • 18” apparent diameter, 120,540 km
    • rings only 10 m to 1 km thick. Quarter million miles across
  2. Titan
    • Distance from Saturn: 1.2 million km (our Moon 380,000 km)
    • 5149 km from Saturn (our Moon 3475 km from us)
  3. Jupiter
    • Distance
    • Apparent diameter 142,900 km
    • Rings too
  4. Ganymede   5262 km in diameter, 1.07 million km from Jupiter


  1. Callisto         4821 km in diameter, 1.9 million km from Jupiter


  1. Europa     3122 km in diameter, 671,000 km from Jupiter


  1. Io     3643 km in diameter, 422,000 km from Jupiter
  1. Featured Object:  The Moon The terminator
  • Wargentin crater (84 km in diameter) filled to rim with solidified lava
  • Messier and Messier A, pair of interesting craters.   Oval is 9 X 11 km Messier A is really to overlapping craters about 11 X 13 km. Two straight rays
  • Mons Runker, extensive complex of domes on the Moon 70km in diameter

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