Mnemonic Memory Device for Elements

In the 1950’s Fred Hoyle, along with W.A. Fowler, G. R. and E.M. Burbidge, realized that


Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 12.46.18 PM

Fred Hoyle Enclyclopedia Britannica


elements heavier than hydrogen and helium are made inside stars and in the explosion of very massive stars.


Their exciting theory begins with hydrogen and a little helium collapsing into a star.  A smaller star, like our Sun, will fuse hydrogen into helium in the core, then fuse helium into carbon,

Our Sun will probably not fuse the carbon into any other element because there just won’t be enough pressure to make that internal heat.  A more massive star would continue by fusing carbon into oxygen, neon, silicon and iron.  At that point, fusion in the core will cease and the massive star will go into supernova.


HeliumScreen Shot 2017-07-09 at 1.21.25 PM






So let’s make a sentence, something catchy, maybe a little naughty, that has seven words that begin with the first letter of each element listed above, in the same order.

A poor example:

         How hot celestial objects need strong ideas.

Seven words?  Yes

Initials match in order? Yes

Catchy?  Yes, until halfway thru, then it’s lame,

Slightly naughty?  No help here.

Your assignment:  Create a mnemonic memory device that will help every student remember the correct order of stellar nucleosynthesis, and is so simple and catchy it will become famous world wide for many years.

The prize:  The knowledge that you contributed to the learning of astronomy and possible fame forever being linked to a new, important mnemonic device.

Contest will conclude on August 10, 2017  Submit your answers here as comments.




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