What’s this “show support” all about?

Go to the pull-down-menu “Want to Show Support?” on my blog homepage, click that you “like” the page, click on one or more of the causes listed, then contribute.  That will show how much you value the astronomy content I provide.

I thank all  of you for choosing to read some of my thoughts and ideas here on this blog.  I hope you find my words helpful and informative.  I’ve written about astronomy stuff here, from lesson plans for school to memories of  experiences I’ve had.

Also thanks to my Periscope followers and viewers who talk astronomy with me at least twice a week.

I shared with a brother that I had many followers on Periscope.  Followers are people who get notified when I go live on the internet, or when the replay of a past broadcast is available.  He said I might be able to make some money putting a monetary transfer app in my broadcast. I admit that hearing about a chunk of incoming change was intriguing, but it also felt a bit uncomfortable.

Making money was not a goal when I began my Periscope broadcast.  Putting a tip jar or something similar just didn’t sit comfortably with me.  So I didn’t.

Another friend told me that he thought people placed more value on things that cost more money.  My work has some value, I hope.  So how do I encourage people to show support for my work, here on my blog and there on Periscope?

On my blog homepage just under and to the right of the title you can find a pull-down-menu “Want to Show Support?”  If you open that window, you will find four causes I give to.  These are four causes I find important.

If you want to show support for my work on Periscope or my blog, here’s what you canScreen Shot 2017-08-02 at 6.13.18 PM do:  make a financial contribution to one of these causes and do it in the honor of a person or creature important in my life.

I’m not asking you to buy an overpriced miracle cure.  I’m not asking you to give money to a political organization.  I’m not even asking you to give money to me.

Would you please go to the Support page on this blog, indicate a like for the page, and then click on a cause and contribute?

How much you value my content?

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