Observing plan for Friday, August 11

I was scheduled assist at Cline Observatory this past Friday,. Clouds kept us from opening the dome, but here’s a brief glimpse into what we had planned:

Jupiter             mag -1.3, 5.9 AU (51 Light Minutes)

Screen shot 2015-01-10 at 1.07.26 AM


NGC 5897 (GC) mag 8.6, 12.1 kpc, receding at 10 km/s, arc of three 8th mag stars

Alpha Librae            HIP 72603            double star mag 5.1 77 LY F3V and A3IV

Zubenelgenubi Arabic for Northern Claw of the Scorpion

Alpha 1 Lib

M16 The Eagle Nebula mag 6.0 Inaccurate distance calculations due to dustdistance O and B stars with nebulosity

M5 GC             mag 5.8, about 40 pc in diameter (largest GC on M list, estimated to be 13+ billion years old

Saturn            mag 0.5 ,    9.4 AU

saturn_March 24


M107 GC             mag 8.1 5.8 kpc approaching at 60 km/s with loose core, central stars resolve

M10 GC             mag 6.6 compact core, receding at 70 km/s

M11 (Feature) OC Wild Duck Cluster                         mag 5.8 1,72- pc, about 600 stars brighter than 14.8, rich in yellow and red giants, central stars may be 1 LY apart, Admiral William Henry Smythe (RN)

M92 GC mag 6.5, 7.8 pc, young cluster only 2 to 3 billion years old, 121 km/s in approach

Rasalgethi alpha Hercules double star             mag 3,35 382 LY M5 II var

95 Herculis double star HIP 88267 B                         mag 5.1 471 LY

Albireo beta Cyg double star             mag 3.35 386 LY K3 II golden yellow and bluish

M57 Ring Nebula                         mag 9.0, 0.6 kpc,   shell glows from emissions of oxygen, expanding at rate of 30 km/s

Epsilon Lyrae            double double star two 5th mag stars with telescope, both of which are also double will split them




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