Nuggets of Gold from Hidden Figures

I’ve just begun reading Hidden Figures, the chosen book for Greensboro’s”One City OneBook” project this year.

Tomorrow, Monday, September 18 at the Greensboro History Museum, the daughter of Katherine Johnson will be speaking about her mother.  Program to begin at 10:30.

So far in this amazing story, here are a few of the nuggets I’ve found:

p. 5: Greensboro College for Women was a source for girls at Langley.

p. 5:  A. Philip randolph, a name I heard a lot during my union days was a major force in civil rights before Dr. King

p.8:  metal bathroom sign that reads “COLORED GIRLS”

p. 25:  Katherine Coleman was a member of the first integrated class at West Virginia in 1940

p. 28:  Newport News’ new suburbs consisted of Copeland Park for whites and Newsome Park for blacks

p. 31 “Negro resistance to this injustice had been a constant ever since the first ship carried enslaved Africans to Old Point Comfort on Hampton’s shores in 1609.”

p. 34:  During WW II, the USO was segregated into separate clubs for Negroes, whites and Jews

p. 37:  From employee newsletter Air Scoop “If the Placement Officer shall see fit to assign thee to a far off land of desolation, a land of marches and mosquitos without number known as the West Area, curse him not  But equip thyself with hip-boots, take heed that thy hospitalization is paid up and go forth on thy safari into the wilderness and be not bitter over thy sad fate.”

p. 57:  designation of “F” for fighter planes


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