Observing the Position of the Sun

As an astronomer I am very happy observing the sky and trying to understand some of the details.  Astrophysicists and Cosmologists are working way above my pay grade, they uncover clues as to the state of the universe and the stuff in it.

I like to observe.  I’ve got a couple telescopes and I’ve been known to

Marking the shadow of the top of the pole two days before solstice.

spend the whole night outside.

An odd mark on a globe of the Earth made me think of something to observe.  I predict that over time the whole observation will encompass a re-produceable pattern.

So we learn that the Sun appears to change altitude in our North Carolina sky over the year:

  • lower in December

  • higher in June.

Let’s double-check that observation and record our observation for review.  We might learn something.

Click here for the link to my YouTube spot on my work so far.  If we can, we’ll post another report later in the new year.

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