1. What do we call the duration of 9, 192, 631, 770 cycles of the radiation from the transition between two hyperfine levels n the ground state of caesium -133? Answer:   A second

  2. What do we call the time between successive transits of the Sun

    Hands’ cat, Lucy

    across an observer’s meridian? Answer: apparent solar day

  3. What do we call 86, 164 seconds or the time between two successive transits of a fixed star across the meridian? Answer: sidereal day

  4. Now, the vernal equinox (point where the Sun moves from south of the celestial equator to north each year,) about March 21, is in the constellation Pisces. Because of precession (Earths wobble)the Vernal equinox was in what constellation 3,000 years ago? Answer: Aries (Taurus 4,500 years ago, Gemini 7,500 years ago)

  5. Taking precession into account, to one one-hundredth of a day, how long is our tropical year? Answer: 365.24 days

  6. What calendar, introduced in 46 B.C.E. had a leap day added every fourth year? Answer: Julian calendar

  7. map Equinox Western Hemisphere
    vernal equinox

    What calendar, introduced in 1582, established March 21 as the date of the Vernal Equinox ? Answer: Gregorian calendar.(no leap year in century years unless the year is divisible by 400)

  8. What system of measuring time counts now as day 2, 458, 119? Answer: Julian Date

  9. In Einstein’s models, if one is moving faster in space than an observer, what happens to the passage of time with respect to the observer? Answer: time slows

  10. To the nearest year, how many years have humans been continuously present in space? Answer: 17 years, 57 days

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