Some Light Questions

Radiation Trivia Quiz on Periscope   Monday, January 29, 2018

On Monday, January 29, I held a trivia contest on my Periscope broadcast.  Today’s topic?  RADIATION!  Don’t make light of the topic.  How many can you get correct?

  1. What is the most energetic form of electro=magnetic radiation?

  2. Who made the first measurement of the speed of light?IMG_2355

  3. What property of light identifies it’s color?

  4. What do we call the bending of light by curved glass?

  5. What instrument do astronomers use to measure the Doppler effect?

  6. A particular telescope is said to be a 24 inches telescope. What dimension is it that is 24 inches?

  7. What is the minimum distance an Earth based optical telescope ca distinguish on the Moon?

  8. cropped-map-3.jpgThe practical limit on the resolving power of a conventional ground based optical telescope is attributed to what phenomenon?

  9. What are the first letters of the 7 colors of the rainbow from long wavelength to short?

  10. What do we call the positively charged atomic nuclei present though-out the solar system and presumably through-out the universe?


Correct answers and winners

  • gamma rays…….reverieREMCOBE map
  • Ole Romer……Peripilot
  • Wavelength…….Peripilot
  • Refraction……reverieREM
  • Spectrograph….. (no winner)
  • Primary mirror……anything
  • One mile……(no winner)
  • Atmospheric shimmer……rossm3838
  • ROY G BIV……MelissaNarcissa
  • Cosmic rays…. (no winner)


List of Eternal Glory

reverieREM… 2 correct

Peripilot…2 correct

Anything… 1 correct

Rossm3838… 1 correct

MelissaNarcissa…1 correct

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