LTA Trivia Quiz for Monday, April 16, 2018

TOPIC: Aliens

On Monday, April 16, 2018, our Periscope Trivia Contest was about aliens. Here are the questions.  The correct answers and winners are listed at the end. Congrats to all who played.

  1. According to British astrophysicist Fred Hoyle and others, how did organic material, including bacteria, appear on Earth?


  1. From where did ALH84001 originally come?


  1. Which spectral type star would probably be a poor host star for a planet to form life because of stellar flare activity?


  1. In the Drake Equation, a mathematical exercise on probability, what symbol is used to represent the number of technologically advanced civilizations in our galaxy?


  1. In the Drake Equation, what variable represents the average lifetime of a technologically advanced civilization?


  1. If we adopt a middle-of-the-road value for unknown variables in the Drake equation how many technologically advance civilizations are probably in the Milky Way Galaxy right now?


  1. Note the plaque to the left. Which spacecraft has this plaque?






  1. In the recordings on Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, whose son is heard saying, in English, “Hello from the children of planet Earth”?


Correct Answers……..Winners:

  1. Microscopic spores from space…..… @phillipmatthew: Known as Panspermia, this hypothesis was first proposed in 1907 by the Swedish chemist Svante Arthenius.   The idea is that a comet or a meteorite or some other object delivered the material.

2.  Mars…….. @joelshultz: ALH stands for Allen hills, a geological feature inAntarctica. The meteorite was discovered the in 1984 and was the first found of the missio. Chemical analysis indicated the rock came from Mars, and preliminary analysis seemed to lea to the discovery of a fossilized life form in the rock.


  1. K & M spectral type stars……….. @Abundance_Elevated: These low mass stars are notorious for their killer flares. Also, planets in their Habitable Zones are tidally locked to the star, one side always facing away. Not to mention the radiation!


  1. N……….. @MaximCane: Frank Drake developed the equation to spark interest in the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. Explore the Drake Equation by clicking here.


  1. L………….@cattleherd: I hope the average lifetime of a technologically advanced civilization is way more than 100 years. How would you define “technologically advanced”?


  1. Ten………….@Thechancre: No variable can be zero, because that would eliminate even us! Ten is a very conservative probability, IMHO


  1. Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11………… @joelschultz:   Pioneer 10 was launched on 1972 traveled thru the asteroid belt, took closeup pictures of Jupiter and was last detected heading to the edge of the solar system in 2003. Pioneer 11 wwas launch on 1973, visited Jupiter and Sayrun and stopped transmitting in 1995.


  1. Carl Sagan’sson…………@snuffleupagus: You can learn more and listen to Nick Sagan, Carl’s son, at the Voyager record website.    Click here.


Winners: make a contribution in the next 30 days to one of my charities listed and I will match your gift, up to $100. Tell the charity to contact me about your contribution.

Leaderboard posted on May 03, 2018

4/16 Winners Number of correct answers
@joelschultz two
@phillipmatthew one
@Abundance_Elevated one
@MaximCane one
@cattleherd one
@the_chancre one
@snuffleupagus one


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