The Sky Yesterday

LTA Trivia Quiz for Monday, April 30, 2018

TOPIC: The Sky Yesterday

On Monday, April 30, 2018, our Periscope Trivia Contest was about the sky yesterday (4/29/2018). Here are the questions, the correct answers and winners are listed at the end. Congrats to all who played.


  1. The astrological sign for April 29 is Taurus, the Bull. In what constellation was the Sun all day yesterday?

    Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 6.54.29 AM
    The Sun is NOT in Taurus today!


  1. Give a two-word phrase that describes the actual phase of the Moon most of yesterday?


  1. When the Moon was highest in the sky last night, what planet was about 7 ½ degrees away?


  1. Last night did the Sun set in the SouthWest, West, or NorthWest?


  1. Before the sun set yesterday, what planet set about an hour before?


  1. When the Sun set yesterday, what planet could we see about 26o to the East?


Correct Answers……..Winners:

  1. Aries…..… @Dylon_gr8est_rapper: The Sun won’t move into Taurus until May 14.


  1. Waxing Gibbous…….. @TheAdmiral_: The Moon did not become Full until 0158 UT on Monday


  1. Jupiter……….. @speear40: This giant planet will be retrograde up to the May 9
    Screen shot 2015-01-10 at 1.07.26 AM



  1. NorthWest……….. @speear40: During the spring and summer months the Sun travels high in our sky. If you’re n the Southern Hemisphere, the Sun set for you in the NorthWest, also.


  1. Uranus………….@BONEBREAKING310: This ice giant rises an hour before the Sun today (Monday, May 30.)


  1. Venus………….@tiki: This Earth-sized planet is phased at 89% illumination.


Winners: make a contribution in the next 30 days to one of my charities listed and I will match your gift, up to $100. Tell the charity to contact me about your contribution.


Leaderboard posted on May 06, 2018

4/30 Winners Number of correct answers
@speear40 two
@Dylon_gr8est_rapper one
@TheAdmiral_ one
@tiki one


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