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“Let’s Talk Astronomy” (LTA) Trivia Contest for Monday, May 21, 2018

TOPIC: May issue of Sky & Telescope magazine

Leaderboard posted on May 23, 2018

5/21 S&T Winners

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Winners who make a contribution in the next 30 days to one of the charities listed on my blog will have their gift matched, up to $100. You can find the list of my charities on the page “ Want to Show Support?” pull down menu found on the home page of my blog.


On Monday, May 21, 2018, our Periscope Trivia Contest was about the May issue of Sky & Telescope magazine. Here are the contest questions. The correct answers are given below, and the winners are listed above. Congrats to all who played. When you get the first correct answer to one of my questions, you are a winner. I usually have between five and ten trivia questions.

To the winners go Eternal Glory, World-wide declaration of their victories (on my blog), and an Opportunity to double their impact of making the world a better place.

You are welcome to join in the hour long fun most Mondays beginning around 8 am eastern time. With Periscope you can watch an earlier trivia game broadcast or participate in the next live “trivia-cast.”   Periscope is a social media app available in the App store.

Trivia Questions

  1. FILL-IN-THE-BLANK:   The Dark Energy Survey data released in January yields the current expansion rate of the universe at between 66.2 and 68.4 _________ (units) per second per megaparsec?

    1. How many years ago did scientists discover cosmic expansion is accelerating?

    1. What planet will join the Moon near Sagittarius on May 31st?saturn_1233881_Open_zoom

    1. Arkaroola is a dark-sky site in what country?


    1. How old is the International Space Station this year?




Correct Answers……..Winners:


  1. kilometers…..… @speear40:  For every megaparsec (a little more than 3 million light years) the universe expands about 67 km every second.

  1. Twenty tears ago…….. @katimus: Shapley used the period-luminosity law to calculate distance to clusters. Who came up with the period-luminosity law?

  1. Saturn….………@perrdizzle Why does Saturn have a ring? Because God liked it and put a ring on it!


  1. Australia…………….@katimus: Check out

Space Camp ISS4
Dennis doing an experiment on the Space Station at Space Camp
  1. Twenty years old this year.……….. @speear40: Expedition 1 crew arrived in November 2000.

Winners: make a contribution in the next 30 days to one of my charities listed and I will match your gift, up to $100. Tell the charity to contact me about your contribution.


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