Observatory Plans for Friday, May 25, 208

Featuring: The Moon…Tycho Crater

I will arrive sometime before 8:30.

  1. Venus sets around 11 pm

    • -3.42 mag, 82% illuminated, 1.3 AU away

      Venus with maximum exposure


  • Mariner in 1962, Venus Express in 2005 orbiter studying the atmosphere, plasma environment, and surface of Venus

  1. Delta (Δ Gem) Wasat: colorful double yellow and Red 6” separation

    1. 5 mag and 8.5, Spectral Types F0V and 59 Light Years distant

  2. Regulus     1.35 mag Spectral Type B7V and 77 LY away

    Venus with less expsure
  3. Jupiter mag -2.034.4 AU distant with

    1. Callisto, Ganymede, Europa (far to near on eastern side)

    2. NASA’s Europa Clipper scheduled for launch on 2020’s, orbit Jupiter and study Europa

    3. ….Io

  4. The Moon -11 mag, 0.002 AU (283,000 km) distant

    Venus with minimum exposure
    1. 87% illuminated, waxing gibbous, 11 days old

    2. Terminator

    3. Tycho crater, 54 miles in diameter, 3 miles deep central mt 1.25 miles

    4. Copernicus, ring mountain 57 miles in diameter, 2.5 miles deep with a recent lava floor

    5. Bay of Rainbows, with Jura Mountains bordering a flooded crater

    6. Kepler crater. 20 miles diameter, uneven floor

    7. Gassendi crater, 68 mile diameter, central peak 1.5 miles high


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