Planets in Our Sky

“Let’s Talk Astronomy” (LTA) Trivia Contest for Monday, June 4, 2018

TOPIC: In the sky this week

Leader board posted on June 10, 2018

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On Monday, June 4, 2018, our Periscope Trivia Contest was about the planets that may be visible in our sky this month. Here are the contest questions. The correct answers are given below, and the winners are listed above. Congrats to all who played. When you get the first correct answer to one of my questions, you are a winner. I usually have between five and ten trivia questions.

To the winners go Eternal Glory, World-wide declaration of their victories (on my blog), and an Opportunity to double their impact of making the world a better place.

You are welcome to join in the hour long fun most Mondays beginning around 8 am eastern time. With Periscope you can watch an earlier trivia game broadcast or participate in the next live “trivia-cast.”   Periscope is a social media app available in the App store.


Trivia Questions

  1. Name the planet that will lie directly behind the Sun on June 6 and might be visible in the evening sky by the end of the month? (Hint: also the least massive of our 8 planets.)

  1. For Greensboro, North Carolina, what planet will be setting in the west after 11 pm the whole month of June this year?

  1. Name the planet that will be in pro-grade motion until near the end of the June?


  1. Which planet will be 4 degrees from the Moon on June 23rd?

  1. Name the planet that will reach opposition just 6 days after the summer solstice?

  1. Which planet will be moving in pro-grade all month thru the constellation Aries?

  1. Name the planet that has the slowest retrograde motion, which will begin June 19?

  2. Besides Saturn, which planets have rings?

Correct Answers……..Winners:

  1. Mercury…..… @rossm2828:  Our smallest planet will reach elongation of 24o with a magnitude of 0.0, so there’s a good chance we can see it.

  1. Venus…….. @rossm3838: I still doubt that the students at Hogwarts could arrive at the Observatory at midnight to observe Venus.

  1. Mars…………….@ellerose: Prograde is moving west to east on our celestial sphere. (The celestial sphere is an ancient model, and so wrong in many ways, but one we still find useful.) Retrograde motion is east to west on the celestial sphere. The outer planets appear to go thru a retrograde loop when the Earth catches up and passes them in out orbital track.


  1. Jupiter……….. @mettleballs1: Watch the sky at the end of June. The Moon will slide by Jupiter on the 23rd of the month, Saturn on the 28th, and Mars on July 1.

  1. Saturn……….. @eternaldarkness: Why did God give Saturn a ring? Because she liked it and knew she should put a ring on it.

  1. Uranus…………..@metleballs: The middle-school-student in each one of us loves this planet.

  1. Neptune…………..@rossm3838: Remember Kepler’s Laws, especially the second one. Since Neptune is furthest from the Sun, it moves slowest. So our perspective doesn’t matter, either prograde or retrograde. Neptune moves slowest.


  1. Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune………@Dylan_gr8est_rapper, @AlfonzoMarz, @WussisWus, @TaxGinger, @Jacob48642, @JohnnybBalls, @u_cant_c_me_0

Winners: make a contribution in the next 30 days to one of my charities listed and I will match your gift, up to $100. Tell the charity to contact me about your contribution.




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