Chapter 1: The #ShadowAnalemma project gets stared

Want to do a project?

Has an idea ever grabbed you and held on until you did something about it? For me it was checking the validity of a piece of “ancient wisdom;” the analemma.

An analemma on an older globe.

Maybe it was an online video, but something a while back focused my attention on the analemma.   That’s the name for the figure 8 or bowling pin that describes the changing position of the Sun in the sky over the course of a year.

Modern globes don’t include the analemma as much today. But many times you could find one on older globes. The one I saw was put on the globe out in the Pacific Ocean so it would not cover any land features.

Many photographers have made images of the Sun over the course of a year to illustrate the changing position. Search the Internet and see.

They set up the camera to take a picture of the same part of the sky from the same location each time.   Take pictures of the Sun at the same time of day, stack those images and you will have an analemma.

I didn’t know much about the analemma, so I decided to be skeptical. Does the Sun really change its altitude during the year at noon?   What else will I learn?

The long axis, the height of the analemma, is to illustrate the changing altitude of the Sun, and the width is about time.  I need to verify this.

Version 2
The light pole across the street

There’s a street light just across from my driveway. The pole is about 21 feet tall. If I track the position of the shadow at noon every day, I should have an analemma.

We’ll track not just the shadow of the light pole, but track and record the position of the very top of the light pole.

On clear days when I’m home at noon, for the next year, we’ll mark the location of the very top of the light pole. With a can of spray paint I’ll put a white dot on the pavement.

Scheduled release date for

Chapter 2: “If at first you don’t succeed”

August 1, 2019

What could go wrong?

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