The #ShadowAnalemma project Chapter 2

Chapter 2: If At First You Don’t Succeed…

The darkest days of the project were the early ones.

I began by spraying a blob of white paint on the pavement where the shadow of the top of the pole could be seen. At Noon I’d step out into our street, and locate the shadow of the pole in a front yard across the street.   I had done little planning, and to no surprise, the first several marks I made were not uniform.

When there were several marks of varying sizes spread across the pavement to see, I realized that I was not making the same part of the shadow of the top. I was not making the same size marks, blurring their actual location. I needed to be more exact in marking the pavement.

Then March happened and I had to compensate for the onset of Daylight Saving Time (DST).   Starting on the next clear DST day I begin marking at 11 am. This is subtracting 1 hour from 12. Noon.

Subtracting an hour from GMT and Universal Time (UT) to begin DST is not correct. This decision was based on illogical thinking or a simple operation-choice error.

To keep the integrity of measuring at local noon eastern standard time, whet I should have done was add an hour, not subtract. I should have been making my DST observations and marks at 1 pm DST (Daylight Saving Time.)

I marked several observations on the pavement at this incorrect time before I realized my mistake.

The marks on the pavement were of different sizes.   And I could see marks were indistinct and only marked a general area, not a specific spot.   If those weren’t bad enough, I had screwed up the transition to DST.

I needed to stop and regroup. I needed to erase what I had done, plan a better process, and be more exact.

Analema on my Street

Google Earth image of my street, light pole, shadow and errant first marks. My driveway is top-left.

Scheduled release date for

Chapter 3: “A Fresh start” on the #ShadowAnalemma project

August 15, 2019

2 thoughts on “The #ShadowAnalemma project Chapter 2

  1. Dennis,

    I was unable to see the marks of the beginning of your analema. Were they blue or white? I think I see something near the pole shadows.

    I looked for your email address throughout your blog and couldn’t find it, but I wanted you to know I gave to the Michael J. Fox foundation after winning a couple of questions last night. I have something to email you to show you the donation, and I’ll send it when I get your email address.

    John Leckie (ighnot)


    1. John,

      Thank-you very much for the kind donation. I’ve mailed off a matching check. I’m so 1900’s.

      I have been overwhelmed by work and my inability to say “no” when asked to help. I plan to continue the analemma saga over winter break and maybe get ahead. Better pictures coming.

      Great to have you participate in my silly challenge quizzes.

      Thanks again.



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