The Moon

Adapted from “Let’s Talk Astronomy”  (12/16/2019 episode)

Winners’ Periscope ID noted at the end of each answer.

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A new model of the birth of our Moon explains how our Moon ended up containing mostly Earth-like materials. The Yale study published in the April 29 issue of Nature Geoscience uses a model with the Mars-size impactor as a solid body. QUESTION: That Yale study concludes that early Earth had been covered with what?  ANSWER: Earth was covered with an ocean of magma. Moon rocks have similar minerals make-up to Earth rocks, but contain no trace of atmosphere, past or present life or water. @curiousintelect

Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 11.08.45 AM

Two word answer required: QUESTION: What phase is the Moon in right now (December 19, 2019)? ANSWER: Waning Gibbous @ curiousintelect

Screen shot 2015-10-23 at 5.08.12 PM
Waning Gibbous Moon.  North is to the left.

QUESTION:   At this phase (waning gibbous) which limb of the Moon is now experiencing sunset and night? ANSWER: Eastern limb or right side from the Northern Hemisphere. It’s the side with Mare Crisium. @futilityfuton


According to modern-day astrology charts, the Sun should be in the constellation Sagittarius right now, but it’s not. It’s in the constellation Ophiuchus. According to the Farmers’ Almanac the Moon’s astrological location for today is supposed to be in Leo. QUESTION: In what constellation will the Moon REALLY be in until late Wednesday afternoon? ANSWER: Leo! @bruceharper3434 and @columbia5569


QUESTION: Today (December 19), is the Moon closer to the Sun than the Earth is, just as distant, or more distant?   ANSWER: further @swampass


As the Moon orbits the Earth, it wobbles a bit. QUESTION: Which limb of the Moon is tipped the most toward Earth right now? ANSWER: the western limb @columbia5569


I need an answer with a month and a year: QUESTION: When will be the next Annular Solar Eclipse?   ANSWER: December 26, 2019. Arabian Peninsula, southern tip of India, Malaysia and the Philippines   Partial from northern Australia to near the Arctic Circle  @BenSpiers and @infin8won


Full Moon occurs about every 29 days, and most years have 12 Full Moons. Two part answer must be in same comment: QUESTION: How many Full Moons will we have in 2020 and what month(s) will have two?      ANSWER: 13 and October will have Full Moons on the 1st and  31st. @bruceharper3434

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