“Success walks hand in hand with failure”

Outliers: the Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell, 2008   After I read this book late summer, I set it aside for a time   The contents of Outlier seemed challenging to absorb.  For a couple months now, I’ve been reading other books while letting the message in “Outliers” percolate. I do agree with Malcolm … More “Success walks hand in hand with failure”

Nuggets of Gold from Hidden Figures

I’ve just begun reading Hidden Figures, the chosen book for Greensboro’s”One City OneBook” project this year. Tomorrow, Monday, September 18 at the Greensboro History Museum, the daughter of Katherine Johnson will be speaking about her mother.  Program to begin at 10:30. So far in this amazing story, here are a few of the nuggets I’ve … More Nuggets of Gold from Hidden Figures

“Science lies not in the facts themselves but in their arrangement.”

Miss Leavitt’s Stars: The Untold Story of the Woman Who discovered How to Measure the Universe   By George Johnson Atlas Books, 2005   One night at the observatory a voice in the dark asked “How do I reconcile the information that the Andromeda Galaxy is 2 million light years away with the growing number … More “Science lies not in the facts themselves but in their arrangement.”

Humanity’s Cradle

A short review of Aurora, a science-fiction novel by Kim Stanley Robinson, Orbit Books, New York, 2015. This is the story of humans and their attempt to spread to planets that orbit other stars. Aurora is the name of the multi-generation starship heading to Tau Ceti. Specifically, the humans’ goal is a moon of a giant … More Humanity’s Cradle

Let’s Talk Astronomy

One of the really great benefits of teaching astronomy is having a group of people who are somewhat interested in the subject, to talk with about current events and astronomy in general.  I’ve enjoyed the opportunities to speak before community groups, and, again, the conversations with members of the audiences are the best part. And … More Let’s Talk Astronomy

History of Astronomy: Then Something Else Happened

Well-positioned conjunctions of bright planets are fairly rare.  The recent meeting of Jupiter and Saturn in the evening sky provided a wonderous sight that we won’t see again for many years.  Even though these two planets technically have a conjunction once a year, according to Dr. Patrick Hartigan of Rice University the next Jupiter-Venus conjunction that … More History of Astronomy: Then Something Else Happened

The Asteroid Threat

I began reading this book by William E. Burrows a couple weeks ago.  The subject, the title, and the cover art, are all very appealing, but I just could not connect with this book, and my reading slowed to a crawl.  Then I began skipping paragraphs, soon whole sections, and finally I was skipping whole … More The Asteroid Threat