“Success walks hand in hand with failure”

Outliers: the Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell, 2008   After I read this book late summer, I set it aside for a time   The contents of Outlier seemed challenging to absorb.  For a couple months now, I’ve been reading other books while letting the message in “Outliers” percolate. I do agree with Malcolm … More “Success walks hand in hand with failure”

HIP 28270 A

From my calculations, the star HIP 28270 A was overhead at 2:30 pm June 17 in Pasadena, Texas.  Ziekal, this is your star. This is a massive star, type B9, that is part of a double system in the constellation Auriga.  At magnitude 8.5 it probably can not be seen with the unaided eye.  This … More HIP 28270 A

Did a Mysterious Earth-Twin Eclipse Venus?

One of my Periscope followers recently asked if I was aware of Earth’s twin planet, you know, the one scientists refuse to acknowledge?  Reporters on board a helicopter had photographed it eclipsing Venus, he said. There’s even a  YouTube video of the mysterious event.   I don’t make a habit of tracing down every story … More Did a Mysterious Earth-Twin Eclipse Venus?

Let’s Talk Astronomy

One of the really great benefits of teaching astronomy is having a group of people who are somewhat interested in the subject, to talk with about current events and astronomy in general.  I’ve enjoyed the opportunities to speak before community groups, and, again, the conversations with members of the audiences are the best part. And … More Let’s Talk Astronomy

History of Astronomy: Then Something Else Happened

Well-positioned conjunctions of bright planets are fairly rare.  The recent meeting of Jupiter and Saturn in the evening sky provided a wonderous sight that we won’t see again for many years.  Even though these two planets technically have a conjunction once a year, according to Dr. Patrick Hartigan of Rice University the next Jupiter-Venus conjunction that … More History of Astronomy: Then Something Else Happened